The Nor'easter

Shaun Young - The Second Book in the Series

Published: 26th October 2018

‘There’s a storm brewing - I can feel it - but it’s got nothing to do with the weather."

Shaun Young knew from the start that Evette Minton would be more than the sum of her parts found strewn at sea after a storm, more than just an investigative journalist who’d fallen prey to the ravages of her profession. 

He found that she had an unconventional approach to life - obsessive and sometimes outside of the law – similar to the way he tackled police work. He identified with her passion for establishing the baseline truth, regardless of personal cost - this is what commitment to a cause looked like.

She had been trying to uncover the economic and social injustice of large corporate organisations buying their way into multi-million-pound contracts. But she’d underestimated the power of big money - the deeper she dug, the more elusive the proof became.

What started as an objective investigation would become a personal crusade. Rules would be bent for the greater good, her quest the only priority. Friends and colleagues were important inasmuch as their capacity to help her achieve her mission. It became a lonely road to walk, and the further she went, the more vulnerable and isolated she became. This would ultimately be her downfall.

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